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Sure to please any snack lover, the Snack Attack is built in a sporty-looking paint can and filled with everything from salty to sweet, chewy to crunchy!  This gift pictured features a variety of "junk food" snacks, but we can certainly create a "gourmet" version, too, if that's what you'd prefer.  Included are salty snacks like chips, pretzels, and snack mix; crackers, cheese and sausage are also popular favorites.  Then we add in the sweetness, including cookies and candy!  We can also include a bottled beverage (soda, flavored water, etc.).  You can't go wrong with this gift!
Snack Attack, "Junk Food" Version
$34.99 plus tax
Snack Attack, "Junk Food" Version with bottled beverage, $44.99 plus tax
Snack Attack, "Gourmet" Version $34.99 plus tax
Snack Attack, "Gourmet" Version with bottled beverage $44.99 plus tax
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The Healthy version of the Snack Attack includes Sun Chips, almonds, microwaveable popcorn, bottled water, dark chocolate, apple chips, granola bars, and snack mix.  If you want the Healthy Version of the Snack Attack gift basket, be sure to type in "HEALTHY VERSION" in the "Notes to Merchant" area of your order form.