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O'Goodies Gift Baskets
One-(sometimes two)-Of-A-Kind Gifts

Welcome to the one of the newest pages on our site!  This page will be featuring really special, one (or sometimes two) of a kind gifts unlike any you'll find on our regular pages.  Sometimes vintage or antique, sometimes hand-made, sometimes just unique onesies that we can't produce in quantity - this page will have available for sale the extremely limited quantity of each design.  Check back often - you never know what you'll find!  And if you like it - buy it quick! - because there won't be another like it!
These are the gifts people remember.
You may also call to purchase the above gift(s):  330-463-5619
This fabulous gift basket is especially for the Fashion Maven! She'll be delighted with these beautiful accessories for her desk and office! The gift is presented in a small paperboard suitcase printed with a shoe pattern and the words 'Tres Luxe' in a beige color. Featured in this gift are:  
(1) vintage dress form - adorable wire/metal dress form will be the perfect accessory for her office! It stands on its own and (in the gift) is trimmed with beautiful double-face satin ribbon and artificial roses (removable).
(2) large note pad in the shape of the Champs Elysee in Paris - beige/white tones, brand new.
(3) four small note pads featuring a classic print and the words "fashion," "friends," "flirty" and "fun"
(4) small two-drawer floral print box which holds a pink 'stress ball' in the shape of a French macaron, nine fashion-theme push pins and ten fashion paperclips, five of which are trimmed with artificial pearls
(5) fragrant 'Sicilian Rosemary' candle in ceramic jar, brand new, unopened
(6) vintage cup and saucer set from England: we've filled the cup with hand-made button flowers (many of which feature beautiful vintage buttons). She'll always have flowers on her desk!!
(7) one tiny glass bottle filled with itty-bitty vintage buttons....an inspiration, because great things come from small beginnings!
It's trimmed with the beautiful bow of French wire ribbon and tulle, as shown in the photos.  

C'est perfect?   Buy it here: