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O'Goodies Gift Baskets
One-(sometimes two)-Of-A-Kind Gifts

Welcome to the one of the newest pages on our site!  This page will be featuring really special, one (or sometimes two) of a kind gifts unlike any you'll find on our regular pages.  Sometimes vintage or antique, sometimes hand-made, sometimes just unique onesies that we can't produce in quantity - this page will have available for sale the extremely limited quantity of each design.  Check back often - you never know what you'll find!  And if you like it - buy it quick! - because there won't be another like it!
These are the gifts people remember.
You may also call to purchase the above gifts:  330-463-5619
My Chocolate Valentine
One-of-a-kind presentation of all things chocolate on a keepsake server made of wrought iron and recycled glass.  Includes nut-n-fruit chocolate bark, chocolate truffle cookies, Godiva chocolates, white-chocolate covered cookie bites and two flavors of hot cocoa.  
$50 plus tax
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Valentine Tool Box
This one-of-a-kind Valentine is presented in a red tool box made of reclaimed wood.  For the man who doesn't care if it's 'gourmet,' this gift contains guy-snacks sure to please:  microwaveable kettle corn, tin of peanuts, jerky, pretzel snacks, liter of Coke, chocolate truffle cookies and Hot Tamales candy.
$50 plus tax
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