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O'Goodies Gift Baskets
Gift Baskets for Wine Lovers
Even though O'Goodies is not licensed to sell alcoholic beverages, we are happy to build a wine-theme gift basket using your own bottle(s) or one of the non-alchoholic wines that we carry.  A fabulous gourmet assortment which is selected to pair well with the wine you've chosen makes a wonderful and welcome gift.  
Bacchus' Delight, a selection of gourmet foods and fruits chosen to accompany an assortment of wines specified by the sender of this gift

Champagne + Red D'Anjou Pears + Brie Cheese
Caberner Sauvignon + Red Delicious Apples + Chedddar
Chardonnay + Honeycrisp Apples + Cheddar
Pinot Noir + Melon or Berries + Brie Cheese
Champagne + Golden Delicious Apples + Brie Cheese

These are the gifts people remember.
(*Note:  substitutions of equal or greater value are always possible, especially when short turn-around times are required.  Please notify us if allergies limit substitutions.)