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O'Goodies Gift Baskets


These are the gifts people remember.
What do people want most for Valentines Day?  According to a recent study, the answer is:  A HOME-MADE DINNER!  The survey showed that a dinner made at home and served to your Valentine is considered the greatest expression of love and care for another person.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy - any meal that you make yourself and serve to your loved one(s) can be a special occasion!
So here's the plan:  order one of our wonderful Italian dinner gift baskets and have it delivered to your Valentine at his/her work place on Thursday, February 14.  Along with it we'll send a laminated 'coupon' from YOU entitling your Valentine to this lovingly-made, home-cooked dinner on the evening of their choice.  The best part - you get to eat, too!  Call ahead to order!
The way to their heart is through their stomach!  Treat 'em to a home-made Italian dinner complete with romantic candle -  and feast like you're on an Italian holiday!  
The Fresh Italian (above) includes fresh garlic and fresh tomatoes!.
Present the Italian dinner in a colander - it makes a great keepsake for future pasta dinners!