Gourmet Gift Baskets

Our specialty!  The majority of the gift baskets we send out are gourmet gift baskets, featuring the finest gourmet foods available.  Our gourmet baskets most often contains ready-to-eat foods, meaning that the goodies are ready-to-eat right out of the basket.  The exception to that rule are dinner baskets, or breakfast baskets, where cooking and/or baking is required.  The Elegant Gourmet gift basket is presented in packaging and trim appropriate to the season.

The assortment in a gourmet gift basket usually contains items that would work well together for a light meal, or a snack.  For example, you'll usually find crackers and cheese, possibly sausage or pate, snacks such as nuts, pretzels, or popcorn, cookies of one or two different types, and candy or chocolate.  Often we include some type of beverage, if not a bottled beverage, then either coffee, tea or hot cocoa.  We are happy to customize to the best of our ability for you!  Please let us know your preferences when you order.
$24.99 plus tax
$34.99 plus tax
$42.50  plus tax
$50 plus tax
$75 plus tax
$100 plus tax
O'Goodies Gift Baskets
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