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Fruit and Gourmet Gift Baskets 

Fruit baskets from O'Goodies are anything but ordinary!  Our beautiful and elegant presentation makes for a lovely gift, and as always, we are happy to customize to the best of our ability for you.  Nobody wants to get TOO much fruit in a gift basket, so at O'Goodies, we always add gourmet foods to the basked WITH the fruit (unless specifically requested ALL FRUIT.)  Fruit baskets include apples, oranges, and pears.  In the higher price ranges, we can add bananas, grapes, and more!   We can, upon request, do tropical fruit baskets (mangoes, bananas, pineapple, etc).  Our Fruit Fondue baskets are very popular, too - they include chocolate fondue, fruit for dipping, and other goodies that are also great to dip into the chocolate, like pretzels and cookies.  What fun!
Examples shown vary in price.  Available for LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY.  WE DO NOT
SHIP FRUIT BASKETS ANYWHERE.  Click here for the list of areas to which we deliver.
Fruit & gourmet basket, $19.99
Fruit & gourmet basket, $29.99
Fruit & gourmet basket, $39.99
Fruit & gourmet basket, $49.99
Fruit & gourmet basket, $75.00
Fruit & gourmet basket, $100.00
Fruit fondue, $40.00
Fruit fondue, $75.00
O'Goodies Gift Baskets
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Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Gift Basket
Features a hand-picked selection of two dozen fresh strawberries, plus chocolate dipping fudge for creating these delectable delights yourself!  Makes a beautiful presentation, and you can't get any fresher chocolate-covered berries than this!!  Plus, it's great fun covering ANYTHING in chocolate!  Local Delivery ONLY.
Call 330-463-5619 to order.