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Get Well!
An especially welcome gift for anyone feeling under-the-weather, or perhaps a hospital patient, a gift basket from O'Goodies can be the perfect pick-me-up!  The Doctor's Bag  contains a great gourmet assortment, including snacks, candy and even chicken soup!  We can add orange juice or other small bottled beverages, if you'd like.  We are happy to customize for you to the best of our ability - with a special candy bar wrapper, or get well wrapper for bottled water.  Other sizes and prices available on special order.

Doctor's Bag $34.99 plus tax
Doctor's Bag $49.99 plus tax
Apple A Day Gift Basket
You know what they say - an apple a day keeps the DOCTOR away!  A terrific assortment of apple-theme gourmet goodies is sure to do the same!  A wonderfully healthy way to wish someone well!  This gift can include fresh apples as well - FRESH FRUIT IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT.  
Apple a Day Gift Basket $39.99 plus tax
O'Goodies Gift Baskets

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(Pictured left - Deluxe Double Decker Doctor's Bag, $65.00 plus tax)
These are the gifts people remember.
(*Note:  substitutions of equal or greater value are always possible, especially when short turn-around times are required.  Please notify us if allergies limit substitutions.)
Lil' Box of Sunshine - GET WELL!
A fresh and cheery take on get-well wishes!  A bright yellow box with custom panel contains a yummy assortment of ready-to-eat snacks - including cookies, snacks, beverage, chocolate/candy - and more!  We're happy to customize this design to the best of our ability for you.  The premium version includes a candle and spa/pamper product.  
Lil' Box of Sunshine Get Well, from $34.99
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