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The Shift in Corporate Gifts:

O'Goodies Gift Baskets
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A few years ago, my friend, Jane, told me about an embarrassing incident that had occurred in her office.  Jane's small company had received a nice snack basket from one of their main suppliers:  it had arrived three days before Christmas.  Ravenous as the office associates were, most of the food was gone before Jane even knew that the basket had arrived.  As she was so busy trying to close the office for the holiday, Jane forgot to thank the sender - and then she completely forgot about the gift until the office reopened in the New Year.  In early January, Jane was talking with her rep from the sending company, who asked if Jane's office had enjoyed his gift.  Jane was beyond embarrassed - she'd forgotten to thank the sender! - and the sender was concerned because they'd gotten very few thank-you's from receiving companies, leaving the sender to wonder over the holidays whether the gifts were delivered at all.

The point of this story:  the winter holiday season features a FLURRY of gifts from many different senders.  Don't let your gift get lost in this holiday pile!!  Send corporate gifts to your clients at Thanksgiving instead!  

The top 4 reasons to send a Thanksgiving gift instead of a winter holiday gift:  
1.  Your gift arrives before the onslaught of winter holiday gifts - and everyone in the office is hungry!!  Your gift will really stand out and be appreciated.
2.  Thanksgiving is a national holiday - all Americans celebrate it!  It's not a religious or secular holiday, like Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, which are celebrated only by certain groups of people.  
3.  Thanksgiving is all about the gratitude!!  Show your clients or colleagues just how much they are appreciated by sending a Thanksgiving gift instead of a gift at the winter holidays.
4.  Most associates are still at work in the office during Thanksgiving week, whereas many workers take time off during the winter holidays.  That means that more workers will enjoy your gift and appreciate your generosity.  Have O'Goodies deliver your Thanksgiving gift on Monday of Thanksgiving week, so that it is sure to be enjoyed by all the office staff!
Order from O'Goodies - you'll be remembered, and appreciated!    

These are the gifts people remember.